Mist Net Mesh Storage Bag by BCM


These extremely durable, heavy-duty mist net storage bags are designed by our bat biologist partners at Bat Conservation & Management, Inc. The bags are made with french seams so your nets do not snag on the interior, and come with the option of 4ft of colored paracord drawstring to help color code your net lengths.


During WNS decontamination, you can even store your net in its bag and decon the whole thing, making the process super easy and convenient.

"The idea is to simulate the large handles of a grocery bag...keeping the trammel lines organized the way you are familiar with, not simply dropped in the bag to become a nightmare to fish out later. With the cord color coded to your mist net length, you no longer have to individually mark each net, or rely on labels and ink that fades over time." -Bat Conservation & Management, Inc.

Suggested color coding for net lengths:

  • Green: 2.6m
  • Orange: 6m
  • Yellow: 9m
  • White: 12m
  • Purple: 18m

Please note that these bags are not returnable if they have been used.

**Image use courtesy of Bat Conservation & Management Inc., 2019.**