Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you are looking for information regarding mist nets, we have a section dedicated here. If you are looking for information regarding auxiliary markers (color bands), click here.

Why buy from Avinet Research Supplies?

  • Help Support Research: Proceeds support research grants for students, nonprofessional and professional Latin American ornithologists through Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO). This includes grants such as the Bergstrom, A.F. Skutch, and the Neotropical Sponsorship that supports researchers in Latin America doing important ecological projects.
  • Buy Ethically and Responsibly: Our ethical mission at Avinet Research Supplies is to serve those who participate in research and conservation efforts. We are strict in enforcing that permits accompany the purchase of sensitive equipment such as mist nets, tissue sampling supplies, and auxiliary markers. We do not sell to those using nets for pest control, bird mitigation, or exotic pet trade under any circumstances. 

How do I return or exchange items?

Please see our Return & Exchange Policy.

How do I request a quote?

Please see our Request a Quote page for instructions. 

I am from a tax-exempt institution. How do I ensure my order is not taxed?

Unless we are shipping an order within the state of Maine, your order will be automatically tax-exempt. All other states, no tax will be charged regardless of your tax-exemption status.

Where can I learn about bird banding and conservation?

Start here: Bird Banding Laboratory. If you're interested in learning to band birds, The Institute for Bird Populations offers training classes, visit their website to learn more, click here. Most banding stations rely on volunteers, so take a look at the Ornithology Exchange site to look at volunteer or internship opportunities:

What kind of permit do I need to purchase mist nets, auxiliary markers, or sampling supplies?

Please see our Permit Information page.