Loon Landscapes by David Evers, Ph.D. and Kate Taylor


Loon Landscapes is a stunning photographic exploration of the world's five loon species: Common Loon, Yellow-billed Loon, Arctic Loon, Pacific Loon, and Red-throated Loon.

This collection of dramatic images, captured by nature photographers across the varying landscapes of three continents, depicts the grace and beauty of these iconic waterbirds. In his Foreword, author and field biologist Jeff Fair remarks, “Not only are loons linked to their habitats, but loon biologists are as well; good field biologists carry a passion for the landscapes they work upon.”


Authors David Evers, Ph.D. and Kate Taylor work for Biodiversity Research Institute, an ecologically minded nonprofit based in the greater Portland area of Maine. BRI’s Loon Program conducts original research and monitoring projects across North America with an emphasis on using loons as indicators of aquatic health. Proceeds from the book will help support BRI’s loon research.

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Published by Willow Creek Press. Hardcover. June 2020 | 144 Pages | 10 x 8


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