Identification Guide to North American Birds, Part I by Peter Pyle


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Part I: Columbidae to Ploceidae - by Peter Pyle: A highly technical guide for researchers, used for birds in hand, which includes data for 395 species and 857 subspecies. The data includes plumage, molt patterns, measurements (wing, tail, bill, tarsus, mass), sexing, and ageing information.

Families included:

Columbidae, Cuculidae, Tytonidae, Strigidae, Caprimulgidae,Apodidae, Trochilidae, Trogonidae, Alcedinidae, Picidae, Tyrranidae, Lanidae, Vireonidae, Corvidae, Alaudidae, Hirundinidae, Paridae, Remizidae, Aegithalidae, Sittidae, Certhiidae, Troglodytidae, Cinclidae, Regulidae, Muscicapidae, Sylviinae, Turdinae, Mimidae, Motacillidae, Bombycillidae, Ptilogonatidae, Peucedramidae, Parulidae, Thraupidae, Emberizidae, Cardinalidae, Icteridae, Fringillidae, Ploceidae.

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