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Banding Pliers & Openers

  • U.K. Banding Pliers (without pin)

    5-hole banding pliers to fit sizes 0A through 5. Strong enough for use on STAINLESS STEEL BANDS.

    2-hole banding pliers to fit sizes 6 through 9.

  • Michigan Banding Pliers

    Banding pliers made in Michigan, USA.  These pliers have an opening pin and two holes for closing. Not supported for use with incoloy or stainless steel bands...pin will break and/or will not close properly.

  • Band Openers

    Opener0A-1 is only usable for sizes 0A (1.98mm) to 1 (2.39mm). Use with extreme caution on anything larger!

    Opener 0+ is ideal for sizes 0 (2.11mm) to at least 6 (9.53mm).

    Opener 4+ is only usable on band sizes 4 (6.35mm) and up. The band opening pliers we carry are not suitable for stainless steel band use.

  • Stauffer-Henley Pliers

    Quality Stauffer-Henley banding pliers made in Canada. All have opening pins. Made from chrome-vanadium with cushion grip handles and suited to specific band size needs. Limited stock available. 

  • Rand-O-Band Aluminum Pliers

    These ultra-lightweight, 2-hole aluminum banding pliers open and close sizes 0A through 1A. The pliers feature an opening pin mounted on the front and contain a magnet that attracts the handles together and holds the band in the pliers.They are rust resistant and work great around saltwater sites. *Not intended for use on stainless steel bands*