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Tools & Repair

Wing Rules

Wing Rules

Medium Standard Wing Rules - 30cm

The standard 30cm (11.8") stainless steel wing/tail rule...

Small Economy 15cm Wing Rule

Our flexible stainless steel economy wing rule is 1/2" wide x...

Small Standard Wing Rules - 15cm

The standard 15cm (5.9") stainless steel wing/tail rule...

Large Standard Wing/Tail Rules - 60cm

The standard 60cm (23.62") stainless steel...

Banding Pliers & Openers

Banding Pliers & Openers

Michigan Banding Pliers

Banding pliers made in Michigan, USA.  These...

U.K. Banding Pliers (without pin)

5-hole banding pliers to fit sizes 0A through 5. Strong enough for use on STAINLESS STEEL BANDS.

2-hole banding pliers to fit sizes 6...

Band Openers

Opener0A-1 is only usable for sizes 0A (1.98mm) to 1 (2.39mm). Use with extreme caution on anything...

Stauffer-Henley Pliers

Quality Stauffer-Henley banding pliers made in Canada. All have opening pins. Made from chrome-vanadium with cushion grip handles and suited to...

Rand-O-Band Aluminum Pliers

These ultra-lightweight, 2-hole aluminum banding pliers open and close sizes 0A through 1A. The pliers feature an opening pin mounted on the front...

Leg Gauge

Leg Gauge

Leg Gauges

Item# LEGGAUGE:Brushed aluminum, for sizes 0A to 9

Item#LEGGAUGE-P: Plastic, for sizes 0A-9 (does not include 1D)

Spring Scales

Spring Scales

Pesola ® Spring Scales

Swiss made Pesola ® scales feature an easy-tare method which...



Steel Dial Caliper

Mitutoyo stainless steel dial calipers offer great quality for the cost.  The 505-732 caliper has an easy-to-read one-dial revolution per...

Dial Plastic Caliper 150mm

Our most popular caliper is Swiss made, super polymid (60% fiberglass), handy and lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

Digital Calipers

The FOWLER UltraCal Mark IV electronic caliper has easily...

Vernier Caliper

Made of stainless steel, calibrated in both inches and millimeters. Has a measuring capacity of 150mm (6").

Fowler Poly-Cal Economy Digital Caliper

Durable, weatherproof plastic caliper with a digital display. Reads in inches or millimeters up to 150mm (6") in 0.1mm increments. Includes vinyl...

Net Repair Materials

Net Repair Materials

Repair Kit for Small to Medium Mesh Nets

Repair kits contains three (3) 56-yard...

Heavier Button Thread

150 yards "button thread" to repair netting on 60mm and larger mesh nets.


Trammel Repair Line

Spools of 100 yards each of black polyester trammel support line.

Use #20 trammel to repair or replace the top and bottom...

Digital Scales

Ideal for portability, this lightweight digital pocket scale has a max capacity of 600g. 0.1g readability and accuracy of +/- 0.1g. Platform size...

Sampling Supplies

Available to USA researchers whose permits authorize them to...


Debating if it might be a little too cold to open nets ? Use a thermometer to check. Reads in ...