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US-Made Mist Nets

Our selection of USA mist nets are handmade by highly skilled net-makers here at Avinet, based in Portland, Maine, USA. Our nets are unparalleled in quality and are built to last. Please note that production time likely applies on most of these nets. During the busy season March-October, most of our nets are made to order. Please make note, especially to our Avian Research Supplies customers: these are not the nets sold historically by AFO. Please see our Japanese mist net section.

We at Avinet have a strong ethical mission to sell mist nets only to those who are properly permitted to conduct scientific research on birds and bats. Our nets are strictly for research purposes and are not to be used by those who are not compliant with state and federal law. Please consult our FAQ here if you have questions about what we require for permits: https://www.avinet.com/en/faq/what-kind-permit-do-i-need-purchase-mist-nets

  • 30mm Mesh - For Birds

    Best for small passerines such as warblers, small sparrows, wrens etc., but will still catch larger birds like jays. Permit copy required, please reference the perm

  • 38mm Mesh - For Birds

    General purpose for a large range of passerines.

  • 38mm Mesh - For Bats

    Made with less "bag" or shelf to prevent tangling. Permit copy required, please reference the permit holder name on all mist net orders!

  • 38mm Mesh - Special Uses

    Permit copy required, please reference the permit holder name on all mist net orders!

  • 60mm Mesh

    American Robin or Turdidae-sized birds, Northern saw-whet owl, screech owl, American kestrel, etc. Permit copy required, please referen

  • 100mm Mesh

    Small to medium raptors, medium shorebirds. Permit copy required, please send a scanned copy to 

  • 100mm Mesh - Dho Gaza

    Dho Gaza nets are plain, framed rectangular nets with loops on each corner and no shelves.

  • 127mm Mesh

    Large raptors, ducks, large shorebirds.