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US-Made Mist Nets - Production time may apply

  • 30mm Mesh - For Birds

    Best for small passerines such as warblers, small sparrows, wrens etc., but will still catch larger birds like jays and woodpeckers. Permit copy required.

  • 38mm Mesh - For Birds

    General purpose for a large range of sizes.

  • 38mm Mesh - For Bats

    Made with less "bag" or shelf to prevent tangling. Permit copy required.  Please send a scanned copy to orders@avinet.co

  • 38mm Mesh - Special Uses

    Permit copy required.  Please send a scanned copy to orders@avinet.com if you haven't already done so in the last fe

  • 60mm Mesh

    American Robin or Turdidae-sized birds, Northern saw-whet owl, screech owl, American kestrel, etc.

  • 100mm Mesh

    Small to medium raptors, medium shorebirds.

  • 100mm Mesh - Dho Gaza

    Dho Gaza nets are plain, framed rectangular nets with loops on each corner and no shelves.

  • 127mm Mesh

    Large raptors, ducks, large shorebirds.