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Mist Nets - Japan

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Our selection of Japanese mist nets have been historically sold by Association of Field Ornithologists. Japanese nets were the first mist nets commercially available in the US, and were introduced to American bird banders by ornithologist Oliver L. Austin, Jr. in 1947 (see Bird Banding, XXVII(3), 115). Japanese nets are a high quality option used by many MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) stations across North America.

We at Avinet have a strong ethical mission to provide mist nets to properly permitted individuals who are conducting scientific research. Our nets are strictly for research purposes and are not to be used by those who are not compliant with state and federal law. Please consult our FAQ here if you have questions about what we require for permits: https://www.avinet.com/en/faq/what-kind-permit-do-i-need-purchase-mist-nets

  • 24mm Mesh - Japanese

    24mm mesh is ideal for very small birds such as hummingbirds.

  • 30mm Mesh - Japan

    30mm mesh is ideal for a wide range of small passerines and is the mesh size of choice for MAPS stations. Ideal for warblers, wrens, sparrows, and the like. 

  • 36mm Mesh - Japan

    36mm mesh is a general purpose size that will effectively catch everything from warblers to jays and thrushes.

  • 61mm Mesh - Japan

    61mm mesh is ideal for small owls, doves, medium size shorebirds, kestrels, merlins, and similar weight birds.

  • 121mm Mesh - Japan

    121mm mesh is ideal for larger raptors, ducks, and large shore/seabirds.