• Steel Dial Caliper

    Mitutoyo stainless steel dial calipers offer great quality for the cost.  The 505-732 caliper has an easy-to-read one-dial revolution per millimeter readout.

  • Dial Plastic Caliper 150mm

    Our most popular caliper is Swiss made, super polymid (60% fiberglass), handy and lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

  • Digital Calipers

    The FOWLER UltraCal Mark IV electronic caliper has easily selected inch or millimeter LCD readouts, and RS-232 outputs.  5 year warranty and water resistant.

  • Vernier Caliper

    Made of stainless steel, calibrated in both inches and millimeters. Has a measuring capacity of 150mm (6").

  • Fowler Poly-Cal Economy Digital Caliper

    Durable, weatherproof plastic caliper with a digital display. Reads in inches or millimeters up to 150mm (6") in 0.1mm increments. Includes vinyl pouch for storage.