Rite-in-the-Rain™ Writing Materials

  • Hardcover Field Books

    Water resistant field books allow you to work in any weather and are made to withstand even the most rugged conditions. Left page has horizontal lines and six vertical columns. Right page has 4x4 lines and a vertical center line.

  • Bound Book / Poly Cover

    Bound book with plastic cover, 78 leaf / 156 pages, 4-5/8" x 7-1/4"

    Protect your data with these famous weather-resistant writing  materials. Most items are available in both 
    "horizontal line" (HL)

         and "level" (LV) 

            patterns; other patterns are available by special order.  


  • Bound Book / Fabrikoid Cover

     78 leaf / 156 pages, 4-5/8" x 7-1/4"

  • Notebook

    24 leaf/48 pages 4-5/8" x 7"

  • Loose Leaf Sheets

    100 sheets 4-5/8" x 7", to fit in binder (product #200)

  • Ring Binder

    Ring binder 4-5/8" x 7" for loose leaf sheets

  • Spiral Notebook

    32 leaf / 64 page 4-5/8" x 7"

  • Shirt Pocket Spiral

    50 leaf / 100 page 3" x 5", Horizontal line pattern

  • Hip Pocket Spiral

    50 leaf / 100 page 4" x 6", horizontal line pattern

  • Copy Paper

    200 sheets 8-1/2" x 11", plain (no pattern)

  • All Weather Pen

    Pencils work great on "Rite in the Rain". For those times when you need a pen, use the All-Weather Pen. The ideal ball point pen for use outdoors, with its pressurized ink cartridge and rubber-cement like ink. Writes underwater and upside down, and it will write in all weather conditions, even temperatures as low as - 50 F, fine point & has black ink.  

  • Pen Holster

    Holster for all weather pen