Back in Stock: 1" Green Poles and Aluminum Gauges

Back in Stock: 1" Green Poles and Aluminum Gauges

July 23, 2019

Finally! We have the iconic green Avinet poles here for July 2019. This style of pole went out of stock in early 2017 and is finally back to stay. These are a more substantial style pole that are 1" outside diameter, with a sleek anodized exterior. Each set weighs 6.5lb. The assembled height is approximately 10.8ft. Extra tops and bottoms can be purchased separately to customize your setups. They are available here. 

Brushed Aluminum Leg Gauge, Black

In other news, we also have our aluminum leg gauges back in stock. These are nearly indestructible (run them over with your truck - we dare you) and durable gauges. They are also smaller than our plastic gauge, small enough to fit in your pocket. Grab one here today.

Happy banding!


The Avinet Team

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